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PAST BLOG POST 2018 This year’s ‘Superflu’ vaccines 

You may have recently heard about this year’s release of stronger flu vaccines in the News.   The media has referred to them as “turbo vaccines” or “supercharged vaccines” but what does that really mean? Dr Ian Walsh from SmartClinics Clayfield (pictured left) answers your questions below…

What is an enhanced flu vaccine?

Reference to ‘Turbo’ or ‘Supercharged’ vaccines relates to two types of 2018 vaccines that will be made available to patients 65 years and older, as it stimulates a stronger immune response in these patients. These will be branded as either FLUAD Adjuvanted Trivalent Influenza Vaccine or FluZone and are now available in most medical centres around Queensland. The Government will supply them free of charge for patients aged 65 and older.

What if I’m aged 18 – 65 years of age?

Adults under the age of 65 will receive a Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccine that provides very high protection against 4 strains of Influenza.  You can buy this flu vaccine today for only $9.95 when bought online as part of our Early Bird offer. Many GPs are also offering bulk billed flu shot appointments this year to keep healthcare affordable. Click here for more information or to buy your vaccine now.

Should I wait for the Government-funded vaccine?

It’s highly recommended that adults get vaccinated as soon as the standard vaccine is available (in March) as this will help avoid an early outbreak of the flu. You can buy yours now, and we’ll let you know once it has arrived at the clinic.

What about flu vaccines for children?

This year the Queensland Government will fund vaccines for Infants aged 6 months to under 5 years. To be notified by email when this vaccine arrives at your local clinic please click here. If you have children aged 5 years to 17 years, you can pre-buy the children’s vaccine for $9.95 as part of our early bird offer.

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