Considering Lip Filler?

Many SmartClinics GPs are highly skilled in a range of safe and proven cosmetic services. Read below for some common questions and answers about lip filler injections for plumper-looking lips….

Q: How long does lip filler last?

A:  Generally lip filler lasts 4 – 6 months. Many of my patients only require 2 filler injections per year.

Q: Does it hurt?

A: You will feel a small pinch and some stinging as the filler is being injected. Or if you prefer, we can use an anaesthetic or numbing cream to numb the area beforehand. Your treating Doctor will massage the filler through afterwards and place an icepack on them for a few minutes then you are free go.

Q: Will my lips feel hard or soft after filler?

A: Once the filler settles, your lips will feel just like normal. They don’t feel any different to real lips.

Q: How long does it take? Can I go back to work straight after my appointment?

A: It usually takes about 30 minutes for the entire procedure, then you are free to leave the clinic.  If we use numbing cream, that can take around 10 to 15 minutes to wear off. Your lips may appear a little swollen for around 24 hours so if you are concerned about people noticing it may be worth getting the procedure done on your day off.

Q: Are the results immediate or do I need to wait hours /days to notice a change?

A:  You will see results straight away but your lips may also look a little swollen until the next day until the filler settles in. After around 24 hours, you’ll see the ends result – this is how your lips will look for the next 4 – 6 months.

Q: Is there a way to change it back if I don’t like it, or do I just have to wait?

A: Yes. If you are not happy with the result for whatever reason we can use an eraser enzyme called hyaluronidase to dissolve the filler in around 5 minutes.

Q: Are there any risks or side effects I should know about?

A: All procedures have some form of risk involved but the risk with lip filler is minimal. In rare cases, some slight bruising may occur so I’d advise not to get the filler done immediately before a big event just in case you need a few days for the filler to set in. 

Q: Is it possible to only have my upper or my lower lip done?

A: Yes if you have one lip that you want done we can certainly do this at a reduced price (off the standard full price). 

Q: What does lip filler cost?

A: At our Burleigh Heads clinic, Lip Filler normally costs $650 for both lips, including the consultation. We are currently running a Lip Filler Special in June for only $399, which includes a free LED light therapy facial treatment that will help reduce fine lines and improve your complexion. This offer is only available on our website at Burleigh Heads and great for anyone who might want to try it for the first time. 



Author: Dr Aaron Atia – SmartClinics Burleigh Heads

Dr Aaron Atia has over 20 years of clinical & supervisory experience in cosmetic aesthetics, facial surgery, anti-ageing treatments, hair restoration surgery, sclerotherapy (varicose & spider leg vein) treatment, weight loss, liposuction and skin cancer treatments. He has performed thousands of lip filler procedures during this time. Click here to read his bio.