Cosmetic Packages in Pullenvale

Dermal fillers plus complimentary assessment!

If you’ve been considering cosmetic treatment, our Facial Filler Packages are a great option for you. At your initial assessment, Dr Nancy Momoff will listen to your desired outcomes then recommend a customised plan to enhance your natural features and reduce the effects of ageing.  To book your customised assessment, make an online appointment or call (07) 3107 8050

Lip Fillers + Complimentary Assessment

Lip Augmentation procedures increase the size and fullness of lips, which often thin as we age. In addition to restoring the fullness to the lips, this procedure can also correct asymmetries and restore balance to the lips, soften lines and wrinkles around the lips, and add shape and volume to naturally thin-shaped lips. Basic lip filler injections start from $375 as part of our Spring Package. To book your complimentary assessment, make an online appointment or call (07) 3107 8050

Cheek Fillers + Complimentary Assessment

Ageing and weight loss can cause our cheeks to lose their plump and youthful appearance. Cheek augmentation or cheek fillers can restore volume to your face, increase cheekbone projection and improve facial contours and symmetry. Dermal fillers for cheek volumising start from $750 at SmartClinics Pullenvale plus a complimentary assessment, so make an online appointment or call (07) 3107 8050.

Facial fillers on other areas

Other areas Dr Momoff can treat with dermal fillers are nasolabial folds (marionette lines), tear troughs (reducing dark circles under the eyes), chin, jawline, scars, hollow temples, and deep lines and wrinkles. She also offers anti-wrinkle injections to treat frown lines, crows feet, lines around the mouth, enlarged jaw muscles and teeth grinding. Read more about Dr Momoff’s extensive experience in cosmetics treatments and surgery below.


Dr Nancy Momoff is a very enthusiastic and passionate GP with over 12 years’ experience who currently practices at SmartClinics Pullenvale. Dr Momoff is a Fellow in the Royal Australasian College of General Practitioners, and can help patients with a wide range of health concerns and treatments including skin checks, paediatric care, women’s health and aesthetic treatments such as the cosmetic treatments listed above.

Dr Momoff has a special interest in dermatology, with education leading into skin cancer specialisation and dermoscopy, as well as cosmetic medicine, including injectables. Book you complimentary assessment Dr Momoff and take advantage of our Spring Packages at SmartClinics Pullenvale today.

To book your complimentary, customised assessment with Dr Momoff, make an online appointment or call (07) 3107 8050.