Relaxants and Fillers

Cosmetic services are becoming quite popular in modern day society amongst both women and men who want to improve their appearance. If you’ve been considering undergoing some form of cosmetic treatment, we highly encourage you ensure it’s a safe and proven treatment that is performed by experienced Medical Professionals .

A number of SmartClinics GPs in Brisbane offer a range of relaxants and fillers that rejuvenate the face. 

SmartClinics cosmetic procedures are designed to enhance your natural features and reduce the effects of ageing.  If this is important to you, read more about the relaxant and filler treatments on offer below or book a consultation with one of our SmartClinics Cosmetic Doctors today.

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Treatment Costs vary from clinic to clinic and doctor to doctor for all of these procedures. Please speak with your SmartClinics Cosmetic Doctor for a breakdown of costs or ask our friendly reception team.

Wrinkle Relaxants 

A wrinkle relaxant is an injection that reduces the appearance of wrinkles. The injection is used to temporarily block the nerve signals in the face. This relaxes the muscles that cause these wrinkle lines allowing the face to regain its youthful appearance. This injection is great maintenance for preventing and removing deep seated wrinkle lines such as crow’s feet and frown lines. There is little pain associated with the injections, and the treatment can be performed quickly, like in your lunch break.

Wrinkle relaxants are only temporary so there is no need to worry about a permanent change to your face. Results vary but generally wrinkle relaxants last for three to four months.

Total Face Filler

There are many things ageing can do to the face that makes it lose its youthful appearance. Maybe time has dragged your skin down and your face is no longer plump but has started to sag. Maybe the dark circles or bags under your eyes are now a permanent fixture.

If you face these ‘problems’ the total face filler may be the cosmetic procedure for you. The total face filler will firm the face by promoting natural collagen production. This is done through the use of dermal fillers that are placed throughout the face to give your whole face a rejuvenated look. The total face filler will volumise your face and give it back the definition it once had. Say goodbye to under eye bags and welcome back high cheekbones and a defined jaw line.

Semi-permanent Filler

Semi-permanent fillers are great for those who are not sure about facial fillers. Temporary fillers do not require a procedure to be removed but instead are eventually absorbed by your skin and fade away. These fillers are great for those who want to remove the fine or deep lines on their face. Semi-permanent fillers are also used for lip enhancement.

Temporary fillers are pain free and have no recovery time. They are a fast solution that will give your face a fresh look.  Semi-permanent fillers will last around 6-18 months depending on the brand of filler. 

Permanent Filler

Permanent fillers are great all-around filler for those who are after long lasting results. These fillers are best for those who have already experimented with semi-permanent fillers and know for certain which areas of the face they want to enhance. If you are considering permanent fillers please book in with one of our SmartClinics doctors for a consultation.   

Mini Face Lift with Threads

A Mini Face Lift with Threads is a less invasive alternative to surgical face lifts. This mini face lift uses precisely placed threads to lift the face and reduce the appearance of sagging. This face lift will target your problematic areas whether it is your jawline, or your forehead, or the groove from your nose to your mouth (nasio-labial grooves).

The threads inserted by your SmartClinics Doctor will build up the natural fibrous structures in your face. The result is your face will be firmly lifted up and regain its youthful appearance. The mini face lift with threads is a walk in, walk out procedure that should only take a couple of hours. The mini face lift also has a much lower recovery time compared to a surgical facelift so you will be out and about showing off your refreshed face in no time.

Additional Cosmetic Services

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