Telehealth Bookings

SmartClinics Doctors are now offering Bulk Billed Telehealth consultations for all patients who have a current Medicare Card, so you don’t have to leave home. Our Medical Centres are still OPEN for face to face appointments if necessary, however we encourage you to book a Telehealth Appointment if suitable.  

If a script is required, it’ll be faxed, emailed or posted to you or your preferred pharmacy. Our Doctors can provide over the phone support for pregnancy, mental health, and patients with autism, chronic diseases or eating disorders, plus a wide range of other health services.

To book a Telehealth appointment, you can choose to either call your local SmartClinics Medical Reception team or our Telehealth hotline on 1300 411 748 during standard business hours.

Or Book Online now…

By using our online booking portal to book your Telehealth appointment you will be able to:

  1. Choose your clinic
  2. Choose your doctor
  3. Choose the day and time that you want your GP to call you.

Firstly, please answer 3 basic questions below…

What is a Telehealth appointment?

A Telehealth appointment is just like a standard GP appointment, but conducted over the phone. Your GP will go through the normal procedures of asking about your symptoms (if you have any) and assessing potential diagnoses. You can also get scripts for medicine or discuss any general health concern. 

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