Telehealth Appointments At SmartClinics

The efficiency and effectiveness of Telehealth Appointments have risen to the forefront of medical practices with the recent need for contact-free medical consultations for both doctors and patients.

At SmartClinics, we’ve found Telehealth Appointments to suit our patient’s busy schedules and still care for your health by ensuring you receive medical advice, certification or referrals as you need.


What is a Telehealth Appointment?

A Telehealth appointment offers you the opportunity to discuss your medical concerns with your trusted SmartClinics doctor directly over either a phone or video call and from a location and time most convenient and comfortable for you. 

Just like regular in-clinic consultations, the Telehealth Appointment service gives you the opportunity to speak to a medical professional and seek advice for general health concerns.

When you feel unwell, leaving the comfort of your home to visit the doctor can be inconvenient and overwhelming. SmartClinics offers Telehealth Appointments as an option to assure you can consult with the doctor without risking your health or the health of others.


What health issues are suited for a Telehealth Appointment?

A Telehealth Appointment is the right consultation type for you if you are after medical advice for milder issues such as a common cold or flu symptoms, insect bites, a pre-existing condition, discussion of results and referrals, or require a medical certification or prescription refill.

If you are unsure whether a Telehealth appointment is right for your health concerns, your local SmartClinics medical centre will be able to advise whether a remote call or in-clinic consultation will be most helpful for you and your doctor. 


What health issues are not for a Telehealth Appointment?

Whilst a Telehealth Appointment feels just like a regular appointment, there are some conditions or concerns that an in-clinic appointment would be better suited for. We recommend booking to see your doctor in person if you are not an existing patient or haven’t been seen at the clinic in the last 12 months, require skin checks or minor procedures, or if you do not currently have access to a smartphone to enable video calls for longer and more complex consultations.


How does a Telehealth Appointment work?

Once you book your Telehealth Appointment, your local SmartClinics practice will provide you with the information you need to have a seamless appointment. This will include assuring your practice is using the correct contact details.

At the time of your appointment, your local practice will make contact with you to begin your appointment. Please be available to talk to the doctor in a private setting.


What does a Telehealth Appointment cost?

Most often, a Telehealth consultation will cost the same as an in-clinic appointment. This means you can access medical advice and care from home with no additional costs, or the price of commuting to your local clinic. 

However, please contact your local clinic or medical provider to know if a fee may apply. In order to be eligible for a Medicare rebate, the person who has the health problem should be present on the call, e.g. an appointment regarding a child, must have the child present.


Talk to your GP Remotely Now

If you believe a Telehealth call is suitable for you and the treatment you require from your next doctor visit, contact your local SmartClinics medical centre to book a Telehealth consultation. Discover if your local practice offers Telehealth Appointments and understand the consultation options available to you from home.