Respiratory Clinics

If you are in Queensland, click the link below to find your nearest COVID-testing facility, how to book and for information about the test.

Please click here to find your nearest Respiratory clinic.

NOTE: Smartclinics Respiratory Clinic in Alexandra Hills has CLOSED.

If you have cold or flu symptoms please do NOT attend a regular medical centre. Instead, make a booking for a COVID test at your local Respiratory Clinic. These Specialised Health Centres cater specifically for patients who have a respiratory illness or flu symptoms, or have been referred by their GP for a COVID-19 assessment or test.

Your GP may have referred you to a Respiratory Clinic for assessment, rather than undergoing the test at your regular medical centre, as a way to help to reduce the potential spread of the virus and not overcrowd our emergency departments. However, if you are experiencing severe symptoms, call 000 for an ambulance.

Who can book a COVID-19 test and what does it cost?

  • Tests at Respiratory Clinics are FREE for all patients.
  • Your GP may refer you to a Respiratory Clinic for testing to help reduce the risk of infection to other patients at your usual medical centre.
  • All results will be provided back to the referring GP for follow up.
  • You can also self-refer to a Respiratory Clinic if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms

Please click here to find your nearest Respiratory clinic.