Respiratory Clinics

Not feeling well? We offer COVID-19 assessments and tests.

If you have cold or flu symptoms please do NOT attend a regular medical centre. Instead, make a booking for a COVID test at your local Respiratory Clinic. These Specialised Health Centres cater specifically for patients who have a respiratory illness or flu symptoms, or have been referred by their GP for a COVID-19 assessment or test.

Brisbane Southside – to book please click here: Alexandra Hills 

Alternatively, you can call our Respiratory Clinic Reception .

Alexandra Hills: 07 3193 1323 or BOOK ONLINE HERE

Your GP may have referred you to a Respiratory Clinic for assessment, rather than undergoing the test at your regular medical centre, as a way to help to reduce the potential spread of the virus and not overcrowd our emergency departments. However, if you are experiencing severe symptoms, call 000 for an ambulance.

Who can book a COVID-19 test and what does it cost?

  • Tests at Respiratory Clinics are FREE for all patients.
  • Your GP may refer you to a Respiratory Clinic for testing to help reduce the risk of infection to other patients at your usual medical centre.
  • All results will be provided back to the referring GP for follow up.
  • You can also self-refer to a Respiratory Clinic if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms
  • Bookings are ESSENTIAL.

How do I book?

  • Walk-in appointments are not permitted.
  • Appointments can be made online: Alexandra Hills  or you can call: 07 3193 1323
  • You will then be provided with a link to complete your registration form.

Is it safe to go there?

Yes – We have very strict safety measures in place and you will be required to follow our safety guidelines at the clinic.

Special instructions before your appointment

  • It is important that you only attend the clinic at your set appointment time, wait in your car until just before your appointment and maintain social distancing.
  • Please remember to bring your current Medicare Card if you have one, and your identification.
  • If possible please avoid public transport, maintain social distancing and wash your hands before you leave your house. If you have a surgical mask please wear this, if you do not please cover your mouth and nose with a cloth e.g. a scarf.
  • If you arrive early, or if your GP is running slightly schedule, you may be asked to wait in your car until our Doctor is ready to see you.
  • If you start experiencing severe symptoms, please call 000 immediately or attend your nearest hospital emergency department.

What happens during the COVID-19 assessment?

Firstly, you will have a consultation with a nurse or GP.  After this, a GP will conduct a COVID-19 assessment. Your clinician will then determine if you require testing or provide referral instructions. Testing for novel coronavirus typically involves collecting nasal or throat swabs, and mucus and blood samples, which are then sent to a nearby laboratory for testing.  After your assessment, you will then be asked to self-quarantine for several days while your test results come in.  If your symptoms get worse while you are waiting for your results, call an ambulance or go to your nearest emergency department and let them know that you are waiting for test results for novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

If the result is positive, you will receive a call from a public health unit which will advise you what to do next which typically involves self-quarantine and monitoring. Your nominated doctor will also contact you if your results come back negative.