Flu Vaccinations


Non-Government funded Flu Vaccinations are arriving in clinics now!

This year’s (private) flu vaccinations are now arriving at your local SmartClinics Family Medical Centre. This vaccine is recommended for:

  • Children aged 5 years to 17 years
  • Adults aged 18 years to 65 years old
  • Group/Workplace vaccines – please send an email to info@smartclinics.com.au

CLICK HERE to contact your local SmartClinics Family Medical Centre to see if they are in stock. Many SmartClinics Medical Centres are also offering bulk billed flu vaccination appointments.

Government funded Flu Vaccinations are due to arrive in April.

Please note the Government-funded vaccines are not due to arrive until April. This vaccine is recommended for:

  • Infants aged 6 months to under 5 years (FREE – Government funded)
  • Senior 65 years and older (FREE – Government funded)

I received a flu shot in 2019, do I still need to get a 2020 flu shot?

Yes. The strains of flu virus can change from year to year. The vaccine may also change to protect against the most recent flu virus strains. Even if the flu strains do not change, a yearly vaccine for influenza is still recommended, as immunity from flu vaccination is not long lasting.

It is also highly contagious, so you could pass it on to someone at risk. The Flu is potentially a life-threatening illness for the young, frail and the aged. 

What’s the benefit of having a flu vaccination performed in a medical centre rather than a Chemist?

It is good medicine that you have your yearly flu shot administered at your GP practice as they have your medical history, can keep a record of your vaccinations and discuss any medical concerns with you in a private setting. 

What are the most common symptoms of the flu?

Symptoms may occur 1 to 3 days after infection, and generally seem like the ‘common cold’. Typical flu symptoms could include:

  • tiredness;
  • fever;
  • chills;
  • headache;
  • cough;
  • sneezing and runny nose;
  • poor appetite; and
  • muscle aches.

If you or your loved ones experience any of these symptoms this flu season, please see your doctor. Further health problems can develop in some people after flu infection including pneumonia, heart, blood system and liver complications, which can lead to death, especially in children and older people.

What does the flu vaccine contain?

The Alfuria Quad vaccine, which is the vaccine available for private purchase (not the government-funded vaccine) contains inactivated virus fragments of four types of influenza:

  • H1n1 – 15 micrograms
  • H3N2 – 15 micrograms
  • B strain – 15 micrograms
  • B strain – 15 micrograms

Other ingredients may be present in trace amounts, and can be viewed on the information booklet.


Enjoy peace of mind and get your 2020 Flu Vaccine today! Be one of the first to receive your flu vaccination this year, and you could beat the flu before it beats you.