A number of SmartClinics General Practitioners have undergone additional medical training into skin conditions, and offer a range of acne treatments for our patients. While acne primarily affects teenagers and young adults, it can happen to anyone, at any age. Acne can be painful and can affect the patient’s confidence. In extreme cases acne can leave permanent scarring (which may be difficult to reverse), hence we recommend treating acne as soon as it appears to be problematic.

Initial Consultation – Acne assessment

The first step to treating acne is an acne assessment by your GP. This involves looking at the severity of the acne or acne scarring, the locations on the body and face, and possible causes of the outbreak. Your Doctor will then recommend one or more of the following treatments:

Medical strength acne skin care 

Many medical-strength skin care products are available over the counter, and your SmartClinics GP will recommend the best product for you.

Acne scar treatments

**Available at SmartClinics Annerley (Brisbane) Ph: (07) 3848 9299

Scar treatment helps even out the skin tone, and results in a visible reduction of acne scarring. A variety of treatments are available for acne scarring today, such as Microneedling and Fractional Radiofrequency (Pixel RF).


Microneedling, or dermal rolling, applies a roller of tiny surgical needles to the skin’s surface. This creates small puncture channels, encouraging collagen renewal and skin regeneration. Microneedling encourages skin to reinforce and repair itself, and is well suited to people unable to undergo laser therapy treatments for acne scarring.

On average, microneedling sessions take one hour, and may be followed with light therapy for maximum results. We generally recommend X number of treatments in order to see results. 

Fractional Radiofrequency (Pixel RF)

Fractional Radiofrequency uses a microneedle to release oil build up in the skin, and is less painful than lasers. As the skin is stimulated by the microneedle, acne scars are removed, leaving healthier and firmer skin. Fractional Radiofrequency can also be used to tighten the skin, smoothing

By removing the skin cells blocking your pores, laser therapy treats acne scarring and lowers the chances of future acne outbreaks. Pigmented or superficial scarring is also removed.

Treatment Costs

Pricing for each of the treatments above varies between clinics and doctors, so please contact your nearest SmartClinic centre for a full cost and treatment breakdown.

We offer a broad range of acne treatments for patients of all ages

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