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Sat: 09:00 - 14:30 (one Saturday a month - please call for dates)


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Fees changed on 3rd November 2023

The GPs at this practice operate Mixed Billing, and a fee is payable on the day for most consultations, including telehealth. A full list of fees is available at Reception or by clicking here.


We encourage you to wear a mask inside our practice. If you have cold or flu symptoms, please book a telehealth appointment.






Our Staff

Dr Peter Bailey

Dr Peter Bailey is a GP at SmartClinics Deception Bay.

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Practice Manager

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Registered Nurse

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Dr Sumith Kodithuwakku

Dr Kodithuwakku looks forward to welcoming new and existing patients to SmartClinics Deception Bay.

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Antony Schmidt

Podiatrist: Deception Bay

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Bronte Badger

Bronte is a Physiotherapist at SmartClinics Deception Bay

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Medical Receptionist

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Medical Receptionist

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Dr Daniel Lean

Dr Daniel Lean has a special interest in family care.

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Dr Kokila Kodithuwakku

Dr Kodithuwakku looks forward to treating our patients in the Deception Bay area.

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Paula Carin

Bloom Hearing Specialist - Call (07) 5428 2066 to book appointment

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Tony McGiffin

Dr Tony McGiffin is a GP Registrar.

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Enrolled Nurse

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New patients welcome

The GPs at our clinic cover a broad range of services and interests including Paediatrics, Skin Checks, Ear/Nose and Throat, Mental Health, Spirometry, ECG’s, Audiometry, Workcover, DVA, Antenatal Share Care, Dressings and Wound Care, Diabetes, Asthma, Weight Loss, Assistance to Quit Smoking and many more.

GP Services

The GPs at SmartClinics Deception Bay aim to provide patients with comprehensive, coordinated care.  We have an extensive range of integrated services and facilities, meaning that a large part of your healthcare needs can be met in our facility.  As well as routine consultations, the following services are available:
  • Paediatrics
  • Skin Checks
  • Ear/Nose and Throat
  • Mental Health
  • Spirometry
  • ECG’s
  • Audiometry
  • Workcover
  • DVA
  • Antenatal Share Care
  • Dressings and Wound Care
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Weight Loss
  • Assistance to Quit Smoking

Skin Checks

Australia has the highest incidence rate of melanoma in the world, despite extensive campaigning to improve awareness of skin health and the damage that the sun can cause. All GPs at this clinic conduct skin checks for patients to help identify melanoma and other skin cancers at a relatively early stage. By coming in for a regular skin check (approximately once per year is recommended), you can get an idea of the natural state of your skin and monitor any changes in spots over time. This is a key part of ensuring you can identify potential skin cancers early and get treatment started.


Audiometry evaluation is a straightforward procedure to measure your hearing capacity across a range of sounds, frequencies and pitches. During an audiometry test you’ll be in a soundproof room wearing a pair of headphones. The GP will play a range of tones through the headphones, sometimes in both, sometimes just into a single ear. They will ask you to indicate when you can hear the tone and which ear you hear it in.

If you’ve been referred for an audiometry evaluation or simply require one to get a clear idea of the level of your hearing loss, chat to us about scheduling an appointment.


Diabetes affects approximately 1.7 million Australians. An accurate diagnosis early in the illness is critical to establishing an effective management plan and ensuring that life can go on relatively normally. The doctors in Deception Bay are broadly experienced in identifying, diagnosing and treating diabetes in patients from a variety of backgrounds and with a range of associated health issues.

Complications from diabetes can be devastating. Blindness, loss of limbs and heart disease can all result directly from diabetes. Adequate treatment is the key to managing diabetes, although like many illnesses, prevention is more effective than a cure. Most of our diabetes treatment regimens are targeted at controlling blood sugar levels, although we may also recommend exercise and other lifestyle changes to help you manage your diabetes without medication.


As many as 2.7 million Australians suffer from asthma. The GPs at our practice have helped hundreds of Deception Bay locals tackle their problems with asthma and develop effective treatment methods. The key to treating any form of understanding lies in tracking symptoms and gaining a very clear picture of what triggers your asthma, whether it’s a time of day or particular environmental factors.

With a clear picture of the causes of your asthma they can recommend treatments that will help reduce the triggers of asthma attacks and return some normality to your life.  Treatment methods may require a spirometry test at the start of your treatment plan, different medications and lifestyle and dietary changes.

Weight Loss

Over a quarter of the Australian adult population is obese. Australia is facing an epidemic of obesity unlike any societal health challenge faced in history. If you are overweight or obese, please speak with a GP about a weight loss plan. Living life at a healthy weight will help you avoid a huge range of health complications.

The doctors at our Deception Bay clinic have helped dozens of patients suffering from obesity. Basic plans such as reducing the consumption of certain food items or introducing a marginal amount of exercise into daily routines can really help address weight problems. It all starts with a plan.


A full list of fees is available at Reception or by clicking here.

Release of medical records

Records will be released after receiving signed consent from the patient. A full set of records do possess an administration fee. There are no charges for a Health Summary however if you are requesting access to additional information where the volume of information we hold is large, we may charge a reasonable administration fee (including fees for photocopying).