The Mirena is a popular birth control device that our women’s health GP’s provide to women, including insertion, removal and after care support. Lasting for up to five years, the Mirena is a T-shaped device inserted inside the uterus that releases a hormone called levonorgestrel.

At SmartClinics, our friendly GP’s provide support and assistance in choosing the right contraception for you and your body. Talk to one of our women’s health Doctors about birth control today. Scroll down on how to book!

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Follow these easy steps to make your Mirena appointment

We have made finding a GP who offers Mirena insertion or removal super easy with our Doctor Search Tool. All you need to do is use the drop down search options to choose your preferred location and service (choose ‘Mirena’) then a list of GPs will be displayed. You can see their photo and read their bio to learn about their skills and special interests. Once you are ready book, either call their clinic directly or book online.

1. Search for a Doctor near you

Click here to go to our Doctor Search page. Use the drop down options to choose your location then select ‘Mirena’ under the specialties tab.

2. Choose your preferred GP

A list of suitable experienced GPs will be displayed to choose from, with photos and information about their skills.

3. Book your appointment by phone or online

Once you are ready to book, call the medical centre directly or use the online booking portal for a fast and easy way to book your appointment!

4. Attend the clinic for you appointment

Attend your chosen SmartClinics Medical Centre for your Mirena appointment. You can read more about what to expect at this appointment below…

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What to expect with a Mirena procedure

  • Your GP will discuss the procedure with you to make sure it’s suitable and your are happy to proceed
  • A Mirena placement takes just a few minutes and is nonsurgical
  • We work to keep every process as comfortable as possible and support you through the after-care process
  • A Mirena can be removed and is completely reversible
  • If you choose to try for a pregnancy or would like your Mirena removed, our GP’s will provide this service for you

Women's Health Doctors near you

At SmartClinics, our women’s health Doctors are qualified general practitioners who have extensive training and qualifications in specific areas of medicine that affect women.  Click here to read more about other women’s health services offered by SmartClinics Doctors near you.

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