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Do you suffer from allergies but are not sure what is the cause?

If you are experiencing serve hay fever, sneezing or scratching, it is important to get tested for allergy reactions.

At SmartClinics Merrimac Family Medical Centre, we can test for a range of common allergies to quickly identify which allergens cause you a reaction and then come up a course of immunotherapy treatment that, over time, will reduce the impact the allergy has on your life.

As we focus on allergens specific to Queensland, it means we can provide the most appropriate substances to tackle the causes of the allergic reaction, providing you with relief sooner rather than later.

How does the test work?

The programme consists of a consultation with one of our highly trained and qualified doctors or nurses who will conduct a skin prick test, where we will test you for the 26 most common types of allergens specific to the Queensland area. From environment to food to animal allergens, we will discover just what it is that triggers a reaction in your body.

In our injections and liquid doses, we only use Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved substances. This provides our patients with peace of mind, as well as tremendous results.

Based on the results, which are usually available within a day, we will recommend either a series of monthly injections or daily liquid drops in order to boost your body’s tolerance levels to that allergen.

What’s the benefit of getting the test done at SmartClinics?

Allergy test appointments with our GPs have no waiting list and you can see a GP straight away, while many allergy specialists have long wait lists and higher fees. This can save you and your family time, money and is a fast solution to free yourself from allergies.

Can any doctor provide this service?

Most standard GP medical centres do not offer allergy testing however, at SmartClinics Merrimac, all doctors and nurses are trained to provide allergy testing services.

What will it cost?

Fees are $260 with a rebate of $111.95. New patients and longer consults may attract a higher fee. Some medications, courses of treatments and consultations may incur additional charges. Please the friendly reception team at SmartClinics Merrimac Family Medical Centre for more details.

How to prepare for your appointment

It is important that you do not take antihistamines, cold and flu medication or any creams that reduce the severity of your allergy a week before the test, to avoid inaccurate results.

During your consultation

The consultation will begin with the nurse who will perform the test by conducting a skin pick test. The skin pick tests for twenty-six of the most common allergies, ranging from food, animal and environmental allergies. After the test is completed the doctor will then speak with you regarding the results and if any follow up appointments are required. The consultation will take approximately sixty minutes in total.

The results

The results will be discussed between you and the doctor and what measures are to be taken next. (If you have a reaction to an allergen during the skin pick test, this means that an itchy small red lump will appear).

We have successfully helped hundreds of people improve the quality of life they lead with our courses of immunotherapy. It is not our aim to have our patients on medication for the rest of their lives, but instead help their body build up its own defences against the allergen.

How to book your allergy test

To book your allergy test at SmartClinics Merrimac please call: (07) 5525 1222 or for more information about the clinic please click here