Skin Checks in Toowong


Dr Nick Bashir-Elahi provides an expert clinical examination of your skin for early diagnosis of skin cancer.

Dr Nick at SmartClinics Family Medical Centre in Toowong is now providing full body in-depth skin checks, mole and lump removal, and skin cancer diagnosis and treatment. Dr Nick is an experienced family GP who has completed additional training specifically regarding skin checks and mole removal.

No referral is needed.

Can I attend this clinic for my skin check?

New patients are welcome, and you don’t need a referral to see Dr Nick. Book your skin check with Dr Nick:

  • if you haven’t had your skin checked in more than 1 year, or
  • if you have noticed a change in a spot or lump, or
  • if you have fair skin, lots of moles, or have had previous skin cancers or sun-damaged skin, or
  • if you are over 30 and have lumps and moles, as these patients tend to have more moles developing into nasty spots with age.

Book your skin check appointment online or call us at (07) 3371 5666. Please make sure you book a long appointment so Dr Nick has sufficient time to do a full-body skin check.

What to expect

Skin Check Consultation

A long appointment is required for this consultation. Even if you have just one spot that is worrying you, it’s better to get a full skin check to be sure. You will be required to remove items of your clothes, excluding your underwear, so that the Doctor can provide a full skin check and doesn’t miss any nasty moles or lesions that may be hiding under your clothes.    If Dr Nick identifies any nasty or worrying spots, he may send a sample of the lesion to a lab for diagnosis to see if it is dangerous.  You will need to book in for a follow up appointment at the clinic if any of your moles of lesions need to removed.  If it’s on your face, you will be referred to a cosmetic doctor. A mole removal procedure takes time, so is generally not performed on the same day as your skin check appointment. You will be asked to book a mole removal appointment, and Dr Nick will let you know associated costs.

Cost: Skin check consultation (long appointment) is $180 with $76.95 back from Medicare as your rebate, if applicable.

Mole Removal Appointment

Dr Nick removes moles and lesions with a local anaesthetic so that you won’t feel the operation; however the needle does hurt a little.  You will have some stitches after the removal and scaring may occur depending on the size and location of the removed spot.

Cost: This depends on the size and location of the mole. Dr Nick will advise on costs in your initial skin check consultation.

How to find us

SmartClinics Toowong Family Medical Centre is located on Level 10, 39 Sherwood Road, Toowong 4066. We are inside the building across the road from Chemist Warehouse.

Please note there is no on-site parking. You can park at Toowong Shopping Village for 2 hours (Monday to Friday) for free if you have other shopping to do. Otherwise, there is paid street parking. Toowong train station is less than 5 minutes walk from our building.

How to book

Book your skin check appointment online or call us at (07) 3371 5666. Remember to book a long appointment so Dr Nick can do a full-body skin check.