Telehealth appointments – everything you need to know

Speak with a GP in the comfort of your home.

A Telehealth appointment is just like a standard GP appointment, but conducted over the phone. Your GP will go through the normal procedures of asking about your symptoms (if you have any) and assessing potential diagnoses. If a script is required, it’ll be faxed, emailed or posted to you or your preferred pharmacy. Our Doctors can provide over the phone support for pregnancy, mental health, and patients with autism, chronic diseases or eating disorders, plus a wide range of other health services.

What does a Telehealth appointment cost?

Telehealth calls with some SmartClinics Doctors will be bulk billed for current patients with a Medicare card, while other patients will be charged a consult fee.


From July 20, Medicare changes may affect your Telehealth appointment fee. In order to be subsidised by Medicare for your Telehealth appointment, you will need to be an existing patient at the clinic in the last 12 months and have been seen for a face to face appointment – otherwise a fee may apply. This does not apply to anyone aged under 12 months or people who are experiencing homelessness. Please call your preferred clinic location to talk to reception about fees for your appointment.

How do I book a Telehealth appointment?

To book a Telehealth appointment, call your preferred clinic location during their business hours and they will assist you in choosing the best time and day and Doctor to call you back. Alternatively you can book a Telehealth appointment online clicking the pink button and follow the easy steps. 

BOOK NOW: Please call your preferred clinic location or book online below.

Who calls who?

First you need to make a booking for your Telehealth Appointment. You choose which Doctor you want to talk to, and when.  Then, your Doctor will call you back at your requested appointment time.


What equipment will I need for a Telehealth appointment?

The best thing about a Telehealth appointment is that you just need yourself, a quiet place and a phone.

Can I still see my GP in person?

Yes! It is safe to see your GP for a face to face appointment, and we strongly encourage you to keep your regular appointments. Skipping important health appointments is very risky and may be dangerous. So long as you don’t currently have flu-like symptoms or think you are at risk of having COVID-19, you are welcome to see your GP inside our medical centres.

All SmartClinics Medical Centres are OPEN and currently offering face to face appointments for:

  • All regular health check-ups
  • Skin checks and mole removal
  • Flu vaccinations and immunisations
  • New scripts / repeat scripts
  • Cosmetics
  • Mental health advice
  • Chronic disease
  • And all other general healthcare services.

Please do NOT put off your face to face appointments. Call your local SmartClinics medical centre to book face-to-face appointment, or book an in-clinic appointment online below.

Do I need Skype or other video technology for a Telehealth appointment?

Just your phone will be fine. In the near future, we will also host video calls for Telehealth appointments, which will allow our GPs to more accurately diagnose some health concerns remotely.

Who can get a Telehealth appointment?

Everybody can! The Commonwealth Government has opened up Telehealth services to every citizen.

Can I get a script for medicine in a Telehealth appointment?

Yes, you can be issued scripts via a Telehealth appointment.

Are all doctors offering Telehealth services?

The vast majority of SmartClinics GPs are, however you may need to talk to a different GP on Telehealth call if your doctor is not available.

What if I need to see a GP in person?

You can still see your GP in-person.  Given that current advice is for everyone to stay at home when possible, we prefer you to make a Telehealth appointment unless it is absolutely necessary for you to see the GP in person. If you need to see a GP face-to-face, call the clinic directly and request an appointment.

Is it safe to go into a medical centre at the moment?

It is still safe to attend a medical centre. We have procedures in place to help prevent spreading infection, such as masks, gloves and hand sanitisers plus screening of sick patients. If you are feeling sick, we prefer you to make a Telehealth appointment and the Doctor will tell you if they want to see you in person. We strongly advise everyone to practice social distancing and stay at home if possible, as per current health advice.

Here are some other ways we are keeping clinics safe:

  • We are not currently accepting any patients into any clinic who meet the criteria for COVID-19 testing – we assist them to a Fever Clinic.
  • Some clinics have a “well waiting room” and an “unwell waiting room” to help keep our patients isolated.
  • We are screening all phone calls and online bookings to help reduce the chance of a person who is ill with COVID-19 coming into a clinic.
  • We are practicing social distancing wherever possible.
  • Have plenty of hand sanitiser and wipes and we strongly encourage all patients to use them.
  • We are cleaning down and sanitising surfaces in between patients. This includes chairs, tables and all surfaces contacted during each appointment.

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