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Did you know that Queenslanders have the highest rate of skin cancer in the world? This is because the majority of skin cancers are caused by exposure to the sun of which the Sunshine state gets plenty! The hard truth is that on average, 2 in 3 Australians will have skin cancer during their lifetime. However with early detection, diagnosis and modern medical advancements there is now a range of skin treatment options available for all cases.

At SmartClinics our doctors offer comprehensive skin check services for all patients, with examination, diagnosis and treatment services. SmartClinics Doctors are highly experienced in performing skin checks, equipped to remove spots or moles reducing the need to visit an external dermatologist or plastic surgeon. 


Skin Checks Near Me

A skin check involves the examination of your skin from head to toe through the use of magnification and dermoscopy. Find SmartClinics Doctors highly qualified in performing skin checks near you, with locations across Brisbane. 


Are you at risk of skin cancer?

Whilst everyone is at risk of developing skin cancer, various conditions increase your chances. If you answer yes to any of the questions below we recommend you book in for a skin check at your soonest convenience. 

Do you have fair skin, fair or red hair and blue eyes?

Do you have a large number of moles?

Do you work outdoors?

Do you spend your weekends or holidays in the sun?

Have you ever used solariums, sunlamps or sunbeds?

Is there a previous history of skin cancer in your family?

As a child, did you spend a lot of time in the sun?

Whilst increased sun exposure, skin type and family history can all play a role in your skin health, regular yearly skin checks are encouraged for everyone to get ahead of any possible issues.


What is the treatment of skin cancers?

If your skin check finds the presence of skin cancer, it is often highly treatable. With great advancements of medical treatment for skin cancer, there are various options to treat any diagnosis.

Common skin cancers can be treated through nonsurgical procedures such as the use of ointments, radiation therapy, or cryotherapy. For more severe cases, treatment will be managed by a multidisciplinary team.

The main course of treatment for a developed skin cancer is almost always removal. In more severe cases, this includes not just the mole but the removal of skin surrounding the melanoma through surgery to assure all cancerous cells have been removed. 


If you are looking for a skin check centre near you, book an appointment at your local SmartClinics practice today. For specific information about skin cancer, please contact Queensland Cancer Council on 13 11 20.