Getting a Vasectomy in Cairns? Here is all you need to know.


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Dr Aaron Goldstein

Dr Goldstein is a GP and also runs Cairn’s only dedicated Vasectomy service – Great Barrier Vasectomy. Dr Goldstein is originally from Toronto but has called Australia home since since 2006. He earned his Bachelor of Medicine at the Flinders School of Medicine in Adelaide and has been practicing in Cairns since 2014. Dr Goldsteing runs the Great Barrier Vasectomy service out of SmartClinics Woree. A specialist in Vasectomy procedures, Dr Goldstein will happily talk you through the entire process and answer any concerns you may have.


There comes a time in every man’s life when he decides he’s had enough children (or doesn’t want any at all). At this point in life, a vasectomy can be a relatively painless and simple solution. It’s a nerve-wracking time and everyone always has plenty of questions. Thankfully, we have a couple of local doctors who are highly skilled in performing this procedure and are more than happy to help answer your questions about getting a vasectomy in Cairns.

How effective is a vasectomy in preventing pregnancy?

A vasectomy is the most effective method of birth control available to men. At almost 100% effectiveness, there are only very rare, fringe cases of the procedure failing to have the desired effect – and often when performed by inexperienced or unqualified doctors. If you’re getting your vasectomy in Cairns, visit our SmartClinics Woree and chat with Dr Goldstein – both are experienced professionals.

Is a vasectomy painful?

The actual vasectomy procedure itself won’t be painful. If you’re getting your vasectomy in Cairns through SmartClinics Woree, we’ll use a local anaesthetic. There may be some minor discomfort, such as pressure or a poke, but other than that you’ll barely know it’s happening. Afterwards, once the anaesthetic has worn off, you may experience minor discomfort, but it is usually manageable with OTC painkillers.

How long does the procedure take?

There are two different methods of accessing and dividing the vas deferens.  These are called the “no scalpel vasectomy” and the “traditional vasectomy”.  Both techniques take about 20 – 25 minutes. The procedure may be conducted under mild sedation depending on patient and doctor preference.  Most men find the procedure day far less challenging than they may have expected, and this is aided by good preparation, and good self care followup.

What is the No-Scalpel Technique?

To access your tubes, an injection is given on both sides to make you numb and this stings for a few seconds and goes away quickly. Once under local anaesthesia, your doctor will make a small hole in the scrotum using a vasectomy forceps and ring clamp. Following this, he clamps the tubes and gently removes the delicate blood vessels to prevent bleeding. Then the cut ends of the vas are clipped and cauterised to ensure the sperm do not get through. There are no sutures or dressings after the surgery and you only need a follow-up check if you want one.

Do you still ejaculate after a vasectomy?

Following your vasectomy procedure you will still be able to ejaculate – your semen just won’t contain sperm, and there will barely be a noticeable difference in volume as sperm usually accounts for less than 5% of ejaculate.

Are you awake during a vasectomy?

If you decide to get a vasectomy in Cairns, we’ll keep you awake during the procedure, but you’ll have a local anaesthetic so there will be no, or minimal, pain.

How long does it take to recover from a vasectomy?

Most men are able to be quite active in the days immediately after a vasectomy. We usually recommend a seven-day resting period, although it can depend on each patient and what they consider to be rest or how active their lifestyle or work is. Everyone should at least take a day after the procedure to allow any sensitivity to subside somewhat.

How long does a vasectomy take?

A standard procedure should take around thirty minutes. If you’re getting a vasectomy in Cairns with Dr Goldstein, we’ll let you know how long your procedure will take and what you can expect before, during and after.

Can you drive home after a vasectomy?

We strongly recommend that you have someone else drive you home after your procedure. This will allow you to begin your rest and healing period immediately and minimise any stress on your body – getting you back into action sooner.

How long until I am infertile?

Following your vasectomy procedure, there is a high likelihood that you will retain some sperm in the vas deferens. It may take up to 20 ejaculations before they are completely flushed out. We strongly recommend you maintain regular contraceptive use for at least three months after your procedure or until you are proven infertile on a semen sample.

What does a vasectomy cost?

Costs vary greatly. If you’re getting your vasectomy in Cairns, you can expect to pay a total of around $650, some of which will be rebated by Medicare. Your final out-of-pocket expense will be around $450.

Do you need a referral to get a vasectomy?

You don’t need a referral to get a vasectomy in Cairns – just come by for a consultation and we’ll chat about your options. However, if you do bring a written referral from your doctor we’ll happily deal with them in return.

What clothing should I wear for a vasectomy?

We recommend you wear something supportive. Avoid boxer shorts – go for something that will help hold things up and fit snugly. This can help avoid undue stress on the area.

Should I shave before a vasectomy?

You may trim the area with electric clippers if that is an option for you. Do not wet shave with a razor. If you are unable to trim with clippers, that’s fine – we will take care of it for you when you come in for your appointment.

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